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To the people we love is a way to continue feeding relationships of emotions full of value. February 14 is a day to celebrate love with Valentine, the date full of details, chocolates, stuffed animals, flowers and cards.

In order to surprise that special person it is necessary to achieve unforgettable experiences and details that require creativity and affection. However, the daily expenses, sometimes, prevent being able to show the person that we want everything we can offer. Therefore, the pioneer online credit company Tom Toling gives you fast loans for love emergencies.

Colombians are romantic by nature, this is demonstrated by the growth of flower imports on this holiday that reached its highest figure in nine years with 225 thousand tons according to reports from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Colombian Association of Flower Exporters (Asocolflores) .

Although flowers

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Are the traditional gift on this date, perfumes, trips and dining out are not far behind. A report by Groupon Latam indicates that technology-related details such as cell phones and tablets occupy first place with 42%, followed by perfumes with 40%, wine, spirits and drinks with 24% and dining out with 19 %.

Thematic gifts and sensory experiences are also pioneers since this type of detail demonstrates the level of knowledge towards your partner. If the person you love, likes outdoor activities and exercise, a run or trekking, they can be excellent options. A book according to your tastes or music of your favorite genre are also good alternatives.

On the other hand

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If both are adventurous people, they can risk new sensory experiences that involve trips, wine tastings, massages or extreme activities that break fears in both and allow new emotions to be created in the relationship.

Valentine’s Day, despite not being a date very much taken into account by Colombians, can be an excellent opportunity for both couples and single people to have the opportunity to access a free investment loan and bet on doing those activities that, due to lack of capital, you have not yet been able to perform. According to Tom Toling figures the average amount in these celebrations ranges from $ 50,000 to $ 550,000, depending on the gift you choose

Therefore, Tom Toling presents some gift profiles for these dates according to the price range in the free investment credit and the type of couple you have:

  1. Sporting couples: credits between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000. These couples are characterized by their spirit of adventure and ability to overcome the limits they impose on their minds. In this category multiple options can be a gift option, such as t-shirts of your favorite teams, running shoes, attend a game of the favorite team or a gym membership.

  2. Traveling couples: credits between $ 150,000 and $ 350,000. These types of couples have no idea of ​​staying in one place, they love exploring places and knowing destinations, no matter if they are long or short distance, there is always a place to carry a backpack on your shoulder and be filled with experiences. On Valentine’s Day you can go camping in places near the city or do adventure activities such as paragliding, bungee and buggies on the outskirts of the city.

    It is also possible to make a trip without a fixed destination, letting intuition take you to a place full of adventure.

  3. Romantic couples: credits between $ 200,000 and $ 500,000. Idyllic love with the hope of being eternal and giving away the stars, are part of this category more related to the traditional gifts of this date as floral arrangements and countless chocolates. It is also possible to find plans in renowned spa and hotels to escape during the Valentine’s evening. Likewise, it is within the possibilities to explore romantic dinner plans and balloon trips ideal to formalize a commitment and do it in an unforgettable way.

  4. Technological couples: credits between $ 500,000 and $ 750,000. If for both of you having the same operating system is part of a compatibility indicator, they are part of this type of relationship that fully explores the technology and all the gadgets that are available in the market. Although these types of gifts can cost a lot, providing accessories to customize each object that has a symbolic value for our partner is very important.

  5. Cultural couples: credits between $ 500,000 and $ 800,000. Sharing tastes for the same artist or saving for the purchase of a recognized painting are part of the characteristics of these couples who appreciate leisure activities that go out of the traditional and like art for cinema and the purchase of design objects. However, giving away artist paintings is an excellent alternative to dazzle the loved one.

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